A few other branding & packaging projects.



This logo for Holey Doughnut started as a twenty minute design sprint. We were told to pick two adjectives and a type of food venue from a list we were given. My adjectives were a high-end and religious. My food venue was a doughnut shop. After the design sprint, I rolled the logo out to show how it could work on different mediums. 



With this rebrand project the goal was to simply show what Blue Origin does, visually. We decided to rename Blue Origin to simply, Origin. We decided to keep the logo’s color blue and it seemed unnecessary to say and see blue. The goal of this trip is to see the Earth from orbit, so Origin seemed fitting. We started with a typeface called James Clover. What was intriguing about this typeface was the G. We slowly turned the logo into a custom designed Bauhaus inspired typeface. We took what we used to be the G and rotated it turning it into the O. We saw the O as a visual story of what you would do in the rocket. Start from the center origin, go into orbit and come back around. This O works for an icon logo as well as an app icon. 



This project is a branch of the Origin rebrand. Since Origin offers an all inclusive stay I came up with the idea to create an exclusive line of microbrew beer called Sphere Beer. These three beers can be found in the bar or the dining hall. The goal with the can designs was to have  it be geometric and space related. The colors chosen for the cans are used across the whole brand identity.