In Search of America

A New Adventure

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I have always loved traveling. Throughout college I had planned on a doing a semester abroad in Italy during the spring of my junior year. Plans changed and that semester in Italy never happened. At the beginning of that spring semester, I gave myself a goal that if and when I was presented an opportunity to travel somewhere, I had to make it happen. Minus one month, I took a trip every month that year. I love sleeping in my own bed, however I learned that I also love being on the go, indulging in new foods, and conversing with new people.

This past winter I read a Steinbeck novel that exposed how little I know. I grew up in Berkeley, California; a fairly diverse place. For a long time, I thought that since I had grown up here, I was fairly cultured. I was so wrong.

While story telling comes fairly natural to me, writing it down in a formal way does not. I am giving myself an exercise to practice writing down and recording my adventures. 

I am traveling to Guatemala and Mexico for a few weeks. This will be adventure in itself. I hope you will join me as I record what I experience and learn. 

Please send any tips, tricks, or recommendations for someone who is learning to story tell and write my way.

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