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Guatemala Dia Cuatro


The more I am in this country, the more I fall in love. The vibrant colors, the smiling and friendly faces, and the views of so many beautiful volcanos. 

Today we began with a work out up on the top deck of our hostel. I find myself to be a pretty active person. I run and bike a lot, but when it comes to cross training I will typically find any excuse to forgo. When you are traveling however, you take whatever work out you can get. This one was a good one, with an amazing breakfast reward of a waffle, fresh slices of papaya, and coconut yogurt topped with granola and banana.

After our breakfast, we headed to the other Union Cafe location for an almond milk latte. We sat for a while enjoying the coffee and patio seating. Coco started teaching me about conjugating verbs in Spanish. It seems very similar to Latin which was somewhat comforting knowing that maybe my five years of Latin might come to use. Before leaving we split a plate of the most flavorful vegan tacos. We both agree it was our favorite meal we have had thus far.

We continued to walked the streets of Antigua, soaking in our last full day. We found our way to a cafe and shared a bliss ball and blueberry tahini cup before heading back into the chocolate shop we found the day before. This time we chose, hibiscus, almond, and of course another rosemary. We sat under the iconic yellow archway of Antigua, savoring every bite chocolate. 

As we continued our walk through town, we admired the mother’s riding their motor scooters with their children tucked in different places, as well as the couples in the park simply enjoying each other’s company. People watching seem to change very little where ever you might be. 

We continued wandering around and found a brewery to sit and enjoy a pint. We enjoyed our IPAs on top of Antigua Brewery. The beers were wonderful and yet expensive, but we told ourselves we were really paying for the view. The porch had a clear view of the volcano that hovers over Antigua. A sweet guy from Cambridge came and enjoyed his beers with us before he headed back to Belize that night. We chatted with him about open water diving, surfing, and hiking mountains. Both Coco and I told him how much he would enjoy Montana. 

After the beers we continued meandering the streets as the sun slowly started to set behind the mountains. We made our way back to the hostel to finalize our plans for tomorrow’s trek to the lake. We enjoyed one last dinner at the Guatemalan restaurant next door. We smiled as we sipped our jimica and munched on our fresh corn tortillas. The tortillas are seriously the best corn tortillas we have ever had. 

Today is one for the books. Antigua I will miss you, but you will forever be in my heart. 

Buenos Noches.

Sarah TumaComment