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Guatemala Dia Dos


It is always interesting waking up in a new bed and new country. Most days, while traveling, it takes me a few minutes to remind myself where I am. Regardless, I slept wonderfully, due to my 3am wake up call yesterday. I do have to say it was odd sleeping peacefully in my bunk without a pup nuzzling my legs out of the way to make room for herself. 

After a nice shower, Coco and I headed to find Union Café. We wandered up and down the streets, mesmerized by all the vibrant buildings and volcanos surrounding us. We finally stumbled upon the cafe only to find it wasn’t open yet. So we found another cafe, where we were greeted by the cafe’s host, a sandy colored pup. We sat down and enjoyed an almond latte and breakfast of eggs, avocado, beans, and tortillas. 

Before leaving Coco and I decided to split a slice of vegan zucchini bread. Each of us took our first bite and looked up with a big grin. It was rosemary lemon zucchini bread. Both of us have a love affair with rosemary. Rosemary chapstick, rosemary lemon cookies, rosemary honey lattes, you name it. We are obsessed. So needless to say it won’t be the last time we frequent that sweet little cafe while we stay here in Antigua. 

After our breakfast we headed out to walk around the city market. It reminded me a lot of the Berkeley flea market, but in a huge park with a provocative water fountain in the center. People constantly try to coax you into their stall to see what knick-knack they can convince you to buy. The cocao stall was my favorite. She handed us tastes of each one as she explained each ones difference. Both Coco and I loved the cardamom.

We headed back to our hostel and researched more on our next stop Lake Atitlan, while enjoying a snack of homemade bread and honey that Coco brought from Costa Rica. 

The WiFi wasn’t the best, so we decided to attempt Union Cafe again. We stepped in and immediately felt at home. It was a small hippy hole in the wall. We both ordered smoothies and headed to the upstairs to play cribbage. We played for a couple hours while being serenaded to the sound of rain hitting the tin roof. 

The rain finally let up and we headed out to walk the streets. We found old crumbling churches, so many dogs, never knowing if they were stray or not, and another smaller market tucked into the parking lot of a large church. This market seemed to be for the locals and some tourists. They had food trucks, fruits and vegetables, as well as vendors with trinkets and paintings. 

Later on we meandered to dinner at a place called Frida’s, a whole restaurant with Frida Kahlo as the theme. It was definitely a pricier restaurant, but the mezcal was calling our names. The menu was beautiful, it had clearly been thoughtfully designed. 

We are now heading to bed to prepare for our early morning. We have a 6am hike up a volcano.

Buenos Noches.

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