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Guatemala Dia Seis


Last night as we began to close our eyes and drift off, both of us hoped that the dogs wouldn’t keep us up. Growing up in such a small house with so many people, I have learned how to sleep through pretty much anything. Maybe it was that we were in a new place, but about every hour or two the dogs would bark any any noise that would pass by. Six am rolled around, the sun was shining through the blinds. I couldn’t sleep anymore. I was exhausted, but also excited to be in a new place. 

I sat in the hammock watching the sun rise, while half of San Pedro seemed to be bathing in the lake or doing laundry. The cute puppy, I befriended the day before came over and gave me a bunch of kisses good morning. I’m not sure how I am going say goodbye to this friendly pup. In fact, all of them for that matter. 

A few minutes later our host’s young son came down half the stairs and started peeing on different leaves next to the stairs. He seemed to be trying to see how far he could go. I was silently laughing, while trying to hide my presence. Soon after he saw me and got bright red in the face. 

We asked our host where a good breakfast would be and started walking down to the main street. She and a few other people recommended a place called Sababa. It is an adorable place right on the water with the most stunning view of the lake. I had breakfast tostadas with beans, guacamole, tomato, a fried egg, cilantro, and cheese. I can’t recommend it more. 

After breakfast, we walked around and found a place to go on a kayak tour later that day. We quickly went back to the Airbnb to drop off our stuff we didn’t want to get wet. As we walked back to the kayak tour place, we met the tiniest puppy. He followed is for a bit before finding a stick to play with. 

Both Coco and I got quite a few recommendations to kayak the lake. We headed out on our tour with Domingo, our tour guide for the afternoon. We decided to kayak to San Marcos, the hippy town on the lake. It was a little over an hour to get there. This was my first time kayaking and man, my arms felt it. 

As we arrived at San Marcos, we decided to go to go to the cliff jumping spot. We paid the entrance fee and hiked up. Both Coco and I told each other, we had to jump off quickly or else we knew we would chicken out. It took a while to muster up the courage to jump. Coco jumped first. It took me almost 20 minutes. But I knew if I didn’t jump, I would be so bummed. I finally went for it and loved it. The view down to the water looked so much worse than it actually was. We later found out it was a 23 foot jump. I hiked back up and immediately went again, this time with Coco. Our tour guide laughed, as he saw how much fun we were now having. 

After our second jump, we had to start our trip back. The trip back seemed to drag on for so long. About half way back, I looked over and was so over it. I was tired and hungry. I started counting my strokes to take my mind off how much further I had to paddle. Coco saw Domingo, yawn and zone out. She asked him if he was tired. He responded smiling, “No, I am just thinking of my wife.” How adorable. 

We finally made it back to San Pedro. We thanked Domingo and grabbed a smoothie as we headed back to our Airbnb. After enjoying the smoothie, we relaxed before going back out for a walk around town. We walked down to the beach and saw the other half of San Pedro bathing and doing their laundry. 

Both of us exhausted and sunburnt from our long day in the sun, decided to grab a quick dinner of falafel, before heading home. The falafel was tasty and quick.

It was a wonderful first day on the lake. We will probably take tomorrow off from physical activities and save the big hike up Volcano San Pedro for the following day. 

Hopefully tonight we will get a better nights sleep.

Buenos Noches. 

Sarah TumaComment