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Guatemala Dia Siete


The dogs were quieter, or maybe we were just more exhausted from our long day. Needless to say, we both got good nights of sleep. We still started our day bright and early. I am so thankful to be traveling with a friend, who goes to bed early, so that we can make the most of our time in each place.

We started the morning at a new cafe, that came recommended for the best coffee in San Pedro. The place was nice and relaxing even though it was next to a busy street. Breakfast was decent. I had a veggie omelette. The coffee however, was just ok. I know that there is a better coffee here. 

After breakfast, we walked around the streets we hadn’t explored the day before. It is different than Antigua here. The landscape is beautiful. In Antigua, they used the colorful architecture to compliment the scenery. Here it is still beautiful, but the colors of the buildings aren’t as thoughtfully picked out. 

We walked into what seemed to be the market where all the locals were buying their produce and meat. The produce here is delicious. We snagged a papaya and a bunch of bananas to have for snacks at our place. I am fully aware of where my meat comes from back in Berkeley, but for some reason it is so hard to see half plucked chickens or uncovered meat with flies swarming like hyenas. The conditions that meats are kept  here, wouldn’t pass the health code inspection in the States. Both Coco and I walked out feeling sick to our stomachs. I think we will both be eating vegetarian for the next few days. 

Walking away from the market, we slowly strolled towards the lake. On a little side street sat a small store. It was white with no sign, but inside sat women and children chatting and embroidering cloth to later make into bags. We poked our head inside as they turned to greet us with smiles. The families spoke their native language, not  English or Spanish. From what we gathered, each family had a booth or stall. As we meandered between them, they took turns coming up and telling us the best they could, the story behind the embroidery. You could tell they were passionate to tell the story of San Pedro. It was a highlight for sure. I had to support them, so I purchased a few bags to bring back to my sisters. 

We took a break from walking to enjoy a fresh juice at a shack a few blocks down. As we sipped on our refreshment, we played a few rounds of cribbage. The ladies running the shop couldn’t stop laughing, at the other tourists taking the most ridiculous pictures with their food. 

A short while later, a mangy dog came in hoping to take a break from the heat. I couldn’t help, but notice the ears were being eaten by flies. In the states, a dog would be taken away by animal control to be treated. Here, it isn’t an unusual sight. It is heart breaking to see. I wish I could open up a human society to treat and love-on all the animals here. 

We decided to take a ferry boat over to Panajachel for the rest of the day. Panajachel is the import/export city for the lake. It was a pretty boat ride over. In a short thirty minutes, we were standing in the middle of a huge street market. Parades marched by as we walked through the booths. Each shop owner would pull out different things as you browsed around, hoping something might interest you. Both Coco and bought a few things to bring back as mementos of this beautiful country. 

When we had bought what we wanted, we went into a bar to enjoy a cheap beer as we researched a place to enjoy a veggie dinner. We found one place, but couldn’t find it as we ventured out. Neither of us have phone service, so we try and go off in the direction that the local give us. We soon gave up and headed back to the ferry to enjoy food somewhere in San Pedro. 

We landed on Shanti Shanti. The veggie curry caught both of our eyes and quickly we inhaled the food before heading back home. 

We have a long day ahead of us. We are hiking Volcan San Pedro. Both of us have been warned how hard it is. The gentleman at the tourist booth tried to steer us towards a different hike. However, Coco and I had our hearts set on hiking this volcano. 

Buenos Noches. 


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