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Mexico Dia Cinco


Wow. I am so not used to the humidity. I don’t think that Coco is either. Both of us barely slept a wink because of how hot and humid it is. The other ladies in our room kept closing the windows after we would open them. They had pants and shirts on so we think they may have been cold. The idea of being cold here is just a foreign concept. Regardless, I woke up early because of the heat and went out into the courtyard of our hostel to write and edit photos for a bit. I was thankful for something to keep my mind off the weather. 

Coco got up a bit later and we had decided to go on a run. I laugh now at our decision making on that one. We ran 3.25 miles to the  beach and back. By the time we got back, I seriously thought I might pass out. I was profusely sweating and over heated. I am pretty sure I had heat stroke or was close to it. I’m surprised I didn’t puke. 

We sat on the steps at the hostel, dripping with sweat as we drank water with a nuun tablet before making our breakfast. The eggs, avocado, and mango tasted like heaven. Shortly after breakfast though, I started feeling off. I had a headache and felt a little queasy. I took my vitamins and some wellness formula and tried to shake it off. 

We headed to the beach anyway. The pacific was warm and bright blue. We switched back and forth between lying on the beach and taking swims in the warm water. An hour later though, both of us felt ready to leave. My headache had only gotten worse. So we retreated to a coffee shop that had a balcony and shade. I sipped on an ice coffee hoping it would make my headache go away. It took an hour, but the pain finally subsided. 

We walked through the event they had going on. I walked passed two hanging marlin fish that had just been caught. They were HUGE! Bigger than any other fish I had seen and taller than me. We found ladies selling coconuts and both of us decided to indulge. It was my first fresh coconut water and it was delicious. After the refreshing beverage we had them slice it open so we could eat the tender coconut meat on the inside. 

After getting a quick bite, we headed back to the hostel before going out to find the dive shop I would be getting certified through. Apple maps took us on a goose chase to a random neighborhood. We talked to a few people and found out we were on the opposite side of town. We hailed a taxi down and even he had trouble finding where this dive shop was. After many u-turns and asking different people, we found the shop. They were closed. The website said they were opened until 5. And it was 4:55.

Both of us, sweaty and hot, headed home to lie down after our exhausting day. After resting up, we went out for a drink. On our walk though, I started not feeling good. So I just enjoyed a limeade. We played a few rounds of cribbage, while enjoying every sip of our cold citrus beverages. 

We headed home shortly after. And I went straight to bed after a shower. I needed to kick whatever this was that was making me feel so bad. 

Buenos Noches.

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