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Mexico Dia Cuatro


Today, we are heading to the coast. I can’t say I feel the way I did with Antigua. After yesterday, I am ready for the slow life on the  beach. We are heading to Huatulco, which is in the state of Oaxaca. I will be getting my open water diving certification. I am excited for a change of pace.

After my shower, I packed up my bag. We made a quick breakfast, finishing up our last few things before heading to get a cup of coffee. After enjoying one last latte at Chiquitito Cafe, we grabbed an uber to the Frida Kahlo museum. This was one of my top things I wanted to do while we were here in the city. It came so highly recommended by people and it was a way for me to learn more about the art history of Mexico City. 

It was pretty obvious when we had arrived at the museum. It was a bright blue building with red trim, with a line wrapping around the building inching along. There was a shorter line, for the people who had bought their tickets online. Luckily we had. 

Our tickets were for 11:30 though, so we waited for a bit and talked to the girl in front of us, who was from the states as well. She had been teaching in Bangkok for the last 2 years and was taking a year off to travel. 

Finally 11:30 rolled around and we were let in. We checked our bags and paid for a listening guide, as well as a photography pass. It seemed kind of silly to have to pay to take photos, but I wasn’t about to not document what I saw.

The museum was actually in Frida’s house. She had lived in this house her whole life. As we walked through her house, you were transported to different periods of her life. Some of Diego’s work was up in the house as well. 

One of my favorite things we saw was the kitchen. It was covered with different ceramic pieces collected from all over Mexico. She was proud of her heritage, and you could tell. Her kitchen was simple, no ice box, no stove. She had a traditional Mexican kitchen with ceramic pots and holes in the counter to lite a fire and heat up the pots. It was a high ceiling room and the walls were decorated with miniature ceramic cups that spelled out Frida and Diego. The vibrate colors throughout the house made it seem like there is always a party going on. 

My second favorite thing, was the garden terrace. It was a huge garden in the center of the home. There was a path to walk you through. It had porches where I am sure they threw lots of parties. And in the center a water fountain. To the right of the water fountain was a huge, pyramid sculpture. It’s shape was clearly inspired by the Mayan pyramids. It had traditional Mexican animal sculptures nicely set on the different tiers. This courtyard seemed like the most relaxing place. I can only imagine how much she loved to come out here, to escape the utter pain she was in from the car accident. 

We finished up our tour and had to quickly take an Uber back to our hostel so we could grab lunch before heading to the airport. We power walked over to Ojo de Agua, for one last lunch. We munched away, while chatting about our excitement for the coast. We quickly went back to our hostel and grabbed an Uber to take us to the airport. 

Our drive took much longer than maps had told us. So by the time we got to the airport we had an hour until our flight left. We frantically ran to grab our tickets and had to run to our gate once we had gotten through security. 

We laughed as we realized they had been exaggerating how late we were running. We sat down and waited for them to start boarding our flight. 

The flight itself was only an hour long. We could have booked a bus from Oaxaca, but the bus ride is at least six hours, and we would have still had to fly to Oaxaca. We passed the hour by with an episode of Chef’s Table. 

Once we landed, we grabbed a Taxi ride to our hostel. Our taxi driver had no idea where he was really going though. So the family, who we took the taxi with, pointed to him where to go. 

We checked in, set our bags down and promptly went to dinner. Our taxi driver gave us the name of his favorite taco place. Of course as we head out, it starts down pouring. We laugh as we ran and ducked between different awnings. It wasn’t hard to find the place. It was pretty busy. 

We found a table and sat down. Everything on the menu was meat. Up until now, I had pretty much been eating vegetarian. My vegetarian days however, have come to an end. We both ordered steak tacos and a Corona. When they came, the tacos were simply meat in tortilla. We had 3 different salsas to spice it up. We devoured them in minutes and then smiled, satisfied as we savored the rest of our cold beer. My meal of tacos and beer was less than $3.50. In the states it would have been easily over $10. 

After dinner we stopped in s grocery store and picked up some fresh fruit and veggies to cook up for the next few days . It started raining again as we walked back. Huatulco seems safe and quite. I think I am going to like this laid back, beach life style. 

I can’t wait to put up my hammock on the beach. 

Buenos Noches.  


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