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Mexico Dia Diez


Today we head to Oaxaca City for the last few days of our trip. Well I should clarify, the last few days of my trip. Coco continues on for another two weeks after me. She will be heading up north towards Tijuana area to stay with some of my friends and help out at their non profit. 

Both of us are ready to head out of the humidity and the non stop sweating. It is a constant battle to remind yourself to continuously drink water to replenish what you are sweating out. We packed up our last few things and headed to grab a cup of coffee before heading to the bus station. I am sure we looked ridiculous as we waddled around the town with our huge backpacks hoisted on our back. We found a coffee shop and ordered americanos to go. I was thankful for bringing my insulated to go mug with me on this trip. 

After hoisting the backpacks back up, we slowly made our way to the bus stop and took a seat while we waited. Fifteen minutes later we packed up our stuff and settled into the front two seats. I threw headphones in and pushed play to a playlist. I needed some kind of distraction from my grumbling tummy. Our driver gulped down Gatorade as though he were preparing for a huge athletic event. I was not mentally, physically, or emotionally ready for the ride ahead. Windy, super steep, and lots of weaving through cars, all while excelling super fast only to slam quickly on the breaks. It was a six and a half hour breathing exercise. It wasn’t as bad as the ride from Pai in Thailand. But it was close and much much longer. We stopped half way through and Coco and I stood at the view gulping in the fresh air as though we couldn’t get enough. Both of us at one point or another thought we might hurl. We didn’t. And we made it safely in one piece to Oaxaca City. 

We quickly grabbed a cab and headed to our hostel. The employee greeted us and showed us the ropes of the place. We are the only ones staying here, so we basically have the place to ourselves. He said it is their slow season. 

We settled in and headed out for dinner. Both of us had only eaten a bar and a little snack at the rest stop. We were famished. Down the street from our place was a vegetarian restaurant that came recommended. I chose pesto pasta and Coco decided on green curry. Both were ok, but not great. Next to the restaurant was a health food store where we grabbed a bag of granola, some almond milk, and chocolate to share as a treat before bed. 

We had a mellow night talking about our dreams of what we would like to do when we get back. Both of us have needed this time to step away from our jobs to reassess where we would like to be heading. I think both of us would say we have a better idea now. 

Tomorrow is a full day of exploring Oaxaca. We are heading of to bed for hopefully a better nights sleep than the last few nights. 

Buenos Noches. 

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