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Mexico Dia Doce


We pretty much ate our way through Oaxaca city today. We started off with a mellow morning just making a breakfast of fried eggs, toast, and avocado. The bread from the bakery yesterday just keeps getting better and better.

We walked to a coffee and chocolate place about a mile from our place. They roast their own beans and make different chocolate treats from cacao they source. It was a good latte, but I still have had better. I will probability find the best cup of coffee on my last day of the trip. It would be kind of ironic since I won’t be able to enjoy it again. 

We wandered back to our place after and took some time to regroup. We researched and found a vegan restaurant down the street from us that came highly recommended. Both of us were craving raw foods after the heavy Oaxacan meal we had the day before. 

The feel of the place was warm and inviting. We sat on the patio and were serenaded by the sound of the water fountain and birds chirping away. We both ordered salads. Coco had a traditional green salad with a vegan cheese and an amazingly flavorful dressing drizzled on top. The dressing made up for how bland the cheese was. My salad was slices of jicama and mango with a grapefruit beet slaw. And it came with a tamarind dressing to either dip the pieces in or drizzle on top. I wasn’t satisfied with my salad so I ordered a soup to go with it. Before leaving we shared a dessert. I can’t remember what it was made out of but, it was more beautiful than it was flavorful. Still quite tasty though. 

We moved on after dessert and walked up and down the streets before going into a place for a cocktail. We shared a couple cocktails and talked to a sweet lady from San Diego who had just moved to Oaxaca a couple months prior. We had chosen some cocktails with Mezcal, the spirit made here in Oaxaca. Mine had citrus and hibiscus and Coco’s had lavender. They were definitely the best we had tried on this trip. 

Janet, our new friend pointed us in the direction of a place with good cocktails and appetizers to try next. She warned us to sit up on the little lounge area not the main seating. It was a pretty fancy restaurant, but both of us just wanted to share a little food.  We ordered chicken mole to share. They brought us chips, salsa, bread and rosemary butter (imagine our faces when they told us rosemary butter) to munch on while we waited. The mole came and goodness gracious, it changed my life. I know I have had mole at some point, but this one just was something out of this world. 

We sat for a while and took in the remaining flavors from the mole before ordering a dessert. They had a goat cheese flan that look interesting. As he set it down on the table he explained that the chocolate, goat cheese, crisped seeds, and figs are all sacred parts of Oaxaca. They put those flavors together and this is what was born. It was the best flan we have had this whole trip. 

We asked our waiter, Omar about the mezcals. He walked us through a tasting. He explained how different mezcals are made, what they were created for, and how to drink them to get the best experience. We enjoyed a pour of the joven before calling it a night and going home. Omar most definitely went over an above what he needed to do and it made the trip here. 

Tomorrow is the last full day before going home. We are going to a market that Omar recommended, as well as eating at our last few recommended spots. Some of them are repeats because they were so amazing. 

Buenos Noches.

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