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Mexico Dia Nueve


I was woken up again at the crack of dawn by the sweat dripping down my face. Our roommate had turned the fan off yet again. I think she was cold, but to me that is nonsense. It’s bloody hot. 

I was too excited to sleep anyways. I was going diving again today. I packed my back and made a breakfast of eggs. Shortly after eight, Coco and I headed towards the marina. Both of us couldn’t contain our excitement. 

We arrived at the dive center and were greeted by the owner’s pup. She was excited to see the new face. I quickly sat down and took my quiz before we headed out on the boat. It was an easy one and I wasn’t worried. I ended up acing it which felt pretty good. 

We hopped on Mako, the boat and headed towards the first dive site. I again had to do a few skills before we got to explore. I was able to take my mask off, put it back on, and flush the water out. I set into a breathing pattern and did it fairly easily. I have learned from the last few days, diving is all about deep, consistent breathing. 

After we completing the skills, we swam around exploring the nooks and crannies of this location. We didn’t see turtles today, but we saw other beautiful wildlife. Coco had a smile on her eyes the whole time. I knew it was a highlight of our trip. We headed back up after a little less than an hour and hung out on the boat while the dive master girls did a swim exercise for their class. 

After they were done, we swapped our air tanks out for new ones and headed to our next site. This dive, I had no exercises to do. Just a simple fun dive of swimming through rock crevasses. We looked for these tiny shrimp that are supposedly super beautiful, but they weren’t hanging out around the coral like they normally are. Both our dives were an hour. Today however, I was allowed to dive deeper. The max we dove was 55 feet, with an average of 45 feet. 

It was an amazing day. Both of us had smiles plastered to our faces until we fell asleep that night. I took the final exam and passed with a 94%. Apparently I’m not as bad at test taking as I thought. 

We grabbed empanadas and margaritas at a restaurant to celebrate after. It was my first empanada experience and most definitely won’t be my last. We talked about where we would go next to dive and have a few places in mind. 

We headed to the bus station afterwards and bought our tickets to head to Oaxaca tomorrow. The night was mellow as we reflected on such an amazing day. 

I can’t wait to dive again. 

Buenos Noches.

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