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Mexico Dia Ocho


I went to bed late and got up bright and early to finish the reading and quizzes before my class. I felt like I was thrown right back into college. I had to take a taxi to the marina this morning because I was running too late to walk. I some how still managed to get there in time. I had to run through the practice quizzes before doing the real ones. I sat there feeling a little pressure because everyone else who was diving with us was waiting on me to finish.

I finished fairly quickly and we headed down to the boat. It was about a fifty minute ride to our dive sight. I chatted with Dani, one of the girls who was getting her master certification. She assured me that the mask clearing would click. 

When we finally arrived at the spot, I set my gear up, and we did a brief of what we would be doing. David had a few skills he needed me to do when we got to the bottom floor. We hopped in the water and descended. The tasks weren’t hard. I some how cleared my mask fine the few times he had me do it. After the skills were done, we explored. And oh my goodness. It is a whole new amazing world down there. Fish would pass me by. I saw turtles, sting rays, sea urchin, lobsters, pufferfish, sea bass, trumpet fish, and so many other things. It was amazing. I understood why people told me this Training was worth the mask clearing. It’s nice too because you are able to go through the whole dive with out a single word being spoken. You were able to just take the whole experience in to yourself. After 50 minutes or so we surfaced. 

We gathered everyone else and headed to our second sight. The second sight was the same thing. The first five minutes of the dive I had to complete some skills, which I did totally fine. Then we got to explore. The second dive spot had a few different aquatic animals, but a lot of the same fish, turtles, and stingrays. Both of the dives were a little over 50 minutes and had the max depth of 40 feet. It was amazing. So much life and beauty. I can’t wait to continue more. 

I still have the final dive test lingering over my head though. So after we got back from our dives, I walked back to meet up with a Coco. I showered and grabbed some food and a cocktail before starting to read the last couple chapters. 

We are calling it an early night. Coco is coming diving with me for my final two dives. 

Buenos Noches.

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