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Mexico Dia Once


The beds are hard as a rock at this new hostel. I laughed in the morning as I got up feeling like an old lady. You know the feeling when your back is sore from how bad the bed is, well that was how I woke up feeling this morning. Achy and creaky. I can’t complain though. We have the whole hostel to ourselves. It’s a fairly clean and well kept place. 

We headed out for an early breakfast at a  place called Nueve Mundo. We shared an omelette and a pancake. It was ok. I wouldn’t say it was anything out of this world. They didn’t have any almond milk so we decided to enjoy a coffee somewhere else. 

We walked around poking our heads into different places around the surrounding blocks. Both of us realized how no one was trying to pressure us into buying anything. That was a nice change of pace from the last 3 weeks of constantly feeling that pressure from each store owner.

Not long after, we stumbled upon a bakery. We walked in and were surrounded by the aroma over sweet yeasty pastries and bread. After picking out a few things we found a table in the restaurant and ordered some coffee to enjoy as we munched on our treats. Both of us agreed that we had found our new place. We perused the menu and dreamed of the pizzas, salads, and sandwiches they offered. We both wished we had come here for our breakfast. You can’t win them all though. The place reminded me a lot of Tartine. If felt familiar and homey to me. 

After enjoying our pastries, we popped back over to the bakery and bought a loaf of bread and some sauerkraut to enjoy with our breakfasts the next couple of days. We packed everything in our bags and went on the hunt for eggs and avocados to pair with our new treats. We found upon an organic market the resembled a farmers market with different stalls. We picked up the groceries and enjoyed a coconut water as we played a round of cribbage at a picnic table in the center.

We walked back to our place and took a break. Both of us made some calls and sat down for a bit. It was nice to take a minute of rest before walking around again. We cut into our loaf of bread and tried the new granola. Both of our mouths watered as we bit into each bite. 

We decided to go out and try some mezcal. It was hard to understand what the bartenders were saying each time they poured us a sample of the different varietals. We had to google a few things to put the pieces together. The tasting room got hot though and we took that as our cue to move on. We walked around for a bit to cool off before walking into a restaurant for a bite to eat. We chose this place that had a recommended traditional Oaxacan dish. 

Oaxacan food is pretty dense and heavy food. Neither of us really like heavy food, so it wasn’t our favorite. There is this traditional Oaxacan cheese that could be compared to mozzarella in the US. I’m not the biggest fan. It has a rubbery texture and I find it hard to chew. They put it on pretty much everything here. I think that we will start ordering things, “sin queso”. 

On our walk back to the hostel, we ran into a huge event going on in the downtown square. It was a bunch of people in race cars. We think there might be a car race event tomorrow and they were introducing each of the racers. 

We got back to the hostel and snuggled onto the hard beds to watch a movie. Neither of us have really indulged in any movies or tv since coming (besides on the plane) so it was nice to relax for the night. 

Buenos Noches.

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