In Search of America

Mexico Dia Seis


My day started by waking up because of the heat. It is pretty much unbearably hot, come 7:30/8am. We woke up and went to grab almond milk and pineapple to make smoothies for breakfast. We quickly headed back and blended up the fruit for a cool refreshing drinks. 

I still didn’t feel a hundred percent, so I moved pretty slowly. As the day went on and the more water I drank the better I felt. I am pretty sure I was just pretty overheated and dehydrated. 

We headed to the beach to cool off in the water. Whistles seem to fly of every mouth while we walk by. It was flattering at first, but got to be annoying after a while.

The beach was hot. I spent most of the time in the water. It was either I was wet in the water or wet from how sweaty I was. The water seemed a little more inviting. My skin is a little pink even though I put on sunscreen plenty of times. I don’t think the sunscreen could soak in.

We sat at a table on the beach and ordered a limeade to split while we tried to dry off. It was nice and shaded and felt good to be out of the sun. 

We headed back to the hostel to get WiFi. I still needed to pick up my scuba packet from the dive shop. Ana, the lady from the dive shop and I emailed back and forth figure out the best way to pay for my class. 

In the states it is common to pay for things over the phone. Apparently here it is not. It was a confusing and frustration email conversation, learning we needed to taxi to the dive shop if I wanted to pay with my card. We settled on that and meet a gentleman there shortly after. He handed me my dive manual and I paid for the class. He kindly called us a cab to take back to our place. 

We headed straight home to make food and relax. I had to read the first chapter before the start of dive school tomorrow. The reading took longer than I expected and was a lot of take in. I am leaving some of the reading for the morning. 

Buenos Noches.

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