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Mexico Dia Trece


Today is our last full day together. It is bittersweet. The three weeks flew by and now we are here on our last full day. We have a few things we want to do in order to make the most of the day. A good chunk of it involves food, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

We woke up and made a breakfast of eggs, toast, and avocado at our place before heading out for coffee. We decided to try out the vegan restaurant we had gone to yesterday. They made their own almond milk and needless to say we were sold. We sat and enjoyed almond lattes in hand made ceramic mugs as we looked out to the water fountain on the patio. It was peaceful until two guys sat next to us and ate chips with their mouths open. We left soon after they sat down. 

We explored the streets for a few hours before wandering down to the markets. Both of us had a few last minute things that we wanted to bring back with us. The first thing we found was ceramic mugs to bring back. One is a hand painted mug with some clay exposed between the painted designs. The other I brought back has a modern style and is made up in the hills of Oaxaca. They forage for different materials and make the glazes out of natural elements of the surrounding area. Both of them were at least half of the price of what a comparable ceramic mug would be sold for in the states. I was ecstatic to be bringing them home even though we have plenty at our house. We stopped in and each grabbed a bottle of mezcal to bring home as well. When in Oaxaca, right?

After finishing up our shopping, we headed to a recommended restaurant for some chips & guac, and maybe a cocktail or two. The guacamole was maybe the best I had the whole trip. The cocktails had rosemary in them, so I don’t think I need to say anything else. We enjoyed our drinks and the bite to eat on the rooftop, looking out on the city. The view was spectacular. 

We headed back to the hostel to recuperate and rest before our dinner. We played cribbage and enjoyed a few chunks of chocolate. It was nice to rest and lay low on our last day. 

Eight PM rolled around, so we freshened up and headed to the Oaxaca restaurant for our reservation. We chose the rooftop yet again. Our friend from the other day recommended we sit there. It was dark and relaxing up at the top. There wasn’t much noise from the traffic below. We had been told that the mole was amazing at this restaurant. We ordered squash blossom appetizers to start and thought about which of the moles we would try. They made fresh salsa at our table for us to munch on until our food came. The salsa was good. It was fresh and had interesting ingredients, like dried crickets. The squash blossoms came and we sat there taking in the moment with the different flavors melting in our mouths. They were delightful. We ordered the black mole to share. It came with turkey instead of shredded chicken like last nights. It was a tasty mole, but Coco and I both agreed that we liked yesterdays mole better. We enjoyed a chocolate dessert before retiring for the night.

It was an amazing day. And I will miss Oaxaca, but I will be back. Both of us felt like it was the safest and most welcoming place in Mexico that we had come to. It was a great place to end the trip.

Tomorrow I fly home, but we have the morning to enjoy together.

Buenos Noches.

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