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Mexico Dia Uno


After getting to our hostel super late last night, we needed to sleep in. When  we got up to start our day, we found a place to grab breakfast. I accidentally ordered the dish with the most dairy I could possibly get. I laughed a little and hoped I wasn’t going to regret eating it.

We sat for a while at the cafe, researching what to do while in Mexico City. We decided to officially go to Oaxaca and Huatulco on Friday. While we are there, I will get my open water diving certification. 

Once we were done researching, we headed out to explore the Condesa area, where we were staying. We walked through a huge park. The greenery here is stunning. Soon after, we stumbled on a churro shop that was calling our names. Coco had somehow never had a churro. We decided to change that. A gentleman who frequents this place told us to get the Mexican hot chocolate and churro combo. It was the best suggestion. When we were done with our treat, we continued on our walk and found a place to get fresh tortillas, a grocery story for eggs, and a produce stand. We had decided to make breakfast tacos for the next few days. 

On our walk back to the hostel, we found a cute cafe called, Ojo de Agua, to step in and steal some WiFi. We shared a refreshing coconut-passion fruit-mango juice. As we sipped on our juice, some gentleman came and serenaded us. 

As we walked back to our hostel to rest up, we ran into an Old English Sheepdog. I have wanted one since I was six, so whenever I see one, the mutual greeting is full of excitement.

When we were hungry again, we walked towards a restaurant that was recommended by a friend who used to live here. We ordered glasses of rose, chips & guacamole, and two tacos each. Coco ordered a beef taco, but when it came out it was pork. Though, when they translated their menu they had written out beef. We sent it back because it smelled horrible. Sometimes when you are traveling, you have to go with your gut. We were pretty dissatisfied with the overly priced and over rated tacos. Both of us were still hungry, so we walked around and found a pastry shop to share a treat. The almond croissant didn’t hold up to Tartine’s high set bar. 

We called an Uber and headed home. We decided to do a little more research and book our tickets to Huatulco for Friday. After a few unsuccessful attempts, we succeeded. Turns out buying a ticket, on a website that is in another language is pretty hard. 

While Coco called a few people back home, I chatted with some boys from Philadelphia. They told me about the museums they had visited and we spoke about life back in the states. 

I decided to call it an early night, since I was still pretty pooped from yesterday. 

Buenos Noches.

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