Hi! Thanks for checking out my creative ventures.


I like to think of myself as a T shaped creative. I first and foremost consider myself a graphic designer. I received my BFA from Montana State University, which is nestled in the Bozeman valley. I have experience working on a wide variety of projects from contributing on a marketing team, to designing a brand from the ground up, to creating a value added product using something that was seen as waste.

While pursing my education at MSU, I took a ceramic class and fell in love with the therapeutic process of creating vessels out of clay. When I moved back to the Bay Area, I found a studio and continued my practice.

During a portfolio review, I was told that I needed to work on my storytelling. I started In Search of America this past year as a writing exercise. As I traveled around through Latin America, I recorded my adventures each day. I wrote about the local people and sweet pups I met, as well as the treks to each new site I visited. This project is still new. Any and all feedback is welcome.

I am currently living in Berkeley, California, working for HotelTonight, as well as working some freelance jobs. When I need to gain some inspiration, you can find me pedaling one of my five bikes in the hills.

Thanks again for checking out my work! Shoot me a hello, I would love to be friends! 

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